Dad Gets Stranded in College due to Hurricane Harvey, After Helping Daughter to College, Guess what he turn the disappointment into,( First day of School).

Back then as a little kid when I had my very first day of school and i cried for my parents not to leave me. The case of Kerubo Annasi first day in college was like extracting chlorine from sodium chloride using electrolysis.

Which is used to annoy the sodium atoms to let go of chlorine, lol. It was opposite to mine.
When Kerubo Annasi's dad helped her move to new York to further her graduate studies and then couldn't get a flight back to the kenyan-American family's hometown of Houston because of the Hurricane Harvey that left the whole place flooded, he decided to do 'dad' stuff ever and crash her first class. It goes without saying that hilarity ensued.
Mr. Enock Annasi, the Dad, a professor himself joyfully spent Kerubo's entire Oral history class seated near her, taking 'audible' selfies and texting them to the rest of the family.
Now his son can't resist sharing his father's antics on his twitter handle and they've now gone viral with almost 45 retweets. He added "we need hilarious and informative content about first generation African American families".
Most parents are shepherds in their families while some are rods and staff; Mr. Enock Annasi, Kerubo's Dad played the role of a rod and the mom is a staff, since rod strike and spoils and staff supports and guides; Kerubo's mum seems to be her lean upon partner, a staff for her, while the dad, the rod causes spoils as he did and kerubo cried to the aid of the mum. She typed "Mummy come and carry your husband as he is practically spoiling things for me".

find out how people reacted to it, and let us know if your parents have ever done anything this embarrassing to you before in the comments!

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